SWOT Analysis


-Popularity with surrounding communities
Games, tournaments, championships

-Syracuse.com coverage
Players are constantly written about
Strong presence

Allows fans to get notifications and follow the team

-Midnight Madness
Connects players and fans (makes is personal)
Popular performing artists bring in fans
Publicity for both program and SU College as a whole

-Recruits both Local/Not Locally
Fans from all over to root for hometown players

Awareness of the program

Beneficial for both
Incentives (Taco Bell, if the team scores over 75 points if you have a ticket you get a free taco)

-Strong Facebook and Twitter presence
Interactive with fans
Create conversation
Add events
Players can talk to fans
Fans can see what players are up to

-Phenomenal use of the hash-tag (#)
The megatron that shows tweets during games gets fans involved
Twitter followers can tweet about the game and stay connected even if they aren’t there

-Jim Boeheim
Length of employment – fans love him and are comfortable with him being the coach
Over 900 wins
Hall of Famer

-Famous Alumni (NBA)
Numerous Syracuse Alumni in the NBA
They return for games
Root for the team through twitter, Facebook, etc.
Brings in other NBA players such as Shaq (guest appearances at games)

-Move to the ACC
Better competition
Bigger teams

-Player and Coach interviews (before/after games)
It gives people an inside view of players and Boeheim
More personable than tweeting or Facebook


-Bernie Fine Allegations
Community outraged
Bad for college’s reputation more specifically the basketball program’s reputation
Summer basketball camp for kids seems a little less legitimate now
Sense of being let down
So many versions of the story
Lack of comments by Boehiem
Bad publicity

-Academic Issues with players during the season
Anger fans when it effects who starts and who doesn’t
Gives the impression that the players don’t care about rules and they believe they are above them
Vague excuses about why the player cannot play only irritates fans
Too much attention on a specific player instead of the actual program and team

-Drug Allegations
Bad reputation for the program
Players setting a bad example for young kids that look up to them
Too much attention on a specific player instead of the actual program and team

-Vague responses to the above issues
Fans feel like they are being lied to or left in the dark
They often sound pre-rehearsed and vague
Fans prefer truthful answers and real information – not something that sounds like “I plead the 5th”

-Being the last person to comment on issues with the program or allegations
Often times that makes them look guilty
Usually people believe the first thing they hear
Reporters may twist the story if you don’t do your own story first

-Move to the ACC
The comfort of knowing the conference Syracuse usually plays in
Away games are farther away
Harder competition

-Themes for every home game (whiteouts, blackouts, orangeouts, masks, etc)
Fun new way to get people excited and sell tickets
Publicity for both the programs and local companies
Money for advertising or adding onto the complex

-Meet and Greets
Personal connection with fans
Team meet and greets makes them look more united and it’ll bring all the fans of all the players out

-Articles written about them
GOOD publicity
Better view of the program and the players affiliated with it
Good opportunity to incorporate the Comm. Majors at SU

-Medium like Spreecast (trying to find a specific one that isn’t Spreecast)
Personal like a meet and greet but it is more convenient
Opens up opportunities for more articles to be written
Makes it look like the players really care about the fans

-Forum for strictly the basketball program and fans
Draws in fans of specifically basketball and SU basketball
Interact with players with Q&A’s or just wishing players good luck
Brings fan to player connection closer

-New players/coach
New players bring publicity and give journalist something to write about
Players from different areas creates a larger fan base and more publicity in different areas
The future of SU basketball has a lot to do with the coach- so whoever SU hires after Boehiem retires has to be chosen very carefully
New coach could mean either more opportunities or less (depends on who it is and how good they are)

Opportunities to make profit if it’s advertised the right way
Setting records (over 35,000 people at the dome)
Good publicity
Opportunities for journalists to write about players/program

-NCAA Investigation
If anything bad comes from it, it will ruin the reputation of the program
It makes people suspicious of the program
Bad publicity – journalists focus more on the investigation than the players and games

-Bad Coaching
Numerous losses
Fans are content with Boehiem – when he leaves and they hire a coach that many aren’t content with the program could lose some of the fans

Academic problems
Bad mouthing the program
Setting bad examples

-Loss in funding
Less opportunities for advertising
Less money to accommodate fans
Less money to pay employees to run social media and other sites


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